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Tuesday, May 21st, 2024 Today, high drama in the Trump election interference trial; South Dakota and Colorado get reproductive rights on the November ballot; Montana’s attorney general said he recruited a token primary opponent to increase campaign fundraising; billionaire investor Dan Snyder is furious with the portrayal of Trump in the Apprentice movie; Kid Rock flipped out and waved a gun at a Rolling Stone journalist; plus Allison and Dana deliver your Good News.

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Tuesday, May 21st, 2024

Today, high drama in the Trump election interference trial; South Dakota and Colorado get reproductive rights on the November ballot; Montana’s attorney general said he recruited a token primary opponent to increase campaign fundraising; billionaire investor Dan Snyder is furious with the portrayal of Trump in the Apprentice movie; Kid Rock flipped out and waved a gun at a Rolling Stone journalist; plus Allison and Dana deliver your Good News.

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Abortion rights amendments qualify for the ballot in Colorado and South Dakota (NBC News)

Montana’s attorney general said he recruited token primary opponent to increase campaign fundraising (AP News)

Inside the Legal Battle to Recut Trump Movie ‘The Apprentice’: Why Billionaire Investor Dan Snyder Is Furious With Ex-President’s Portrayal (Variety EXCLUSIVE) (Rolling Stone)


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Hello, and welcome to the Daily Beans for Tuesday, May 21, 2024. Today, high drama in the Trump election interference trial. South Dakota and Colorado get reproductive rights on the November ballot. Montana's attorney general said he recruited a token primary opponent to increase campaign fundraising. Billionaire investor Dan Snyder is furious with the portrayal of Trump in the Apprentice movie. And kid rock flipped out and waved a gun at a Rolling Stone journalist. I'm Allison Gill.


And I'm Dana Goldberg.


Drama, drama today.


Oh, Costello was in so much trouble. What a petulant child in the courtroom. My God.


Uh, as soon as they said, the defense calls Bob Costello, I tweeted, big mistake. Huge m. Like, pretty woman style. Like, that is such a bad idea. First of all, because he's incorrigible, like you said. And second of all, he's. He's a terrible person. And. And third, he would get to be cross examined by the prosecution. Now, he blew up and flipped out before the prosecution even got up to cross examine him. So he's turned. He's red as a strawberry, according to Hugh Golol.


It just looks awful.


I mean, for the jury, like, huffing and puffing. And, uh, there's all these, uh, sustained objections, and he's like, geez. God given side eye to the judge so bad that Judge Mershon had to clear out the courtroom before he, like, yelled at him.




And then brought everybody back in, and everybody chilled out, and they continued with it.


I mean, he went to go strike his own words. Um, he's like, fine, strike it. And the judge was like, you don't get to determine what happened. You're a fucking witness. What is happening right now?


Oh, what a glorious, glorious mistake by the defense today. He just. He just wrecked Trump's entire case single handedly before even cross examination happened by the prosecution. And he. And at the same time, he simultaneously bolstered Cohen's credibility. The one thing they're trying to pick apart, it's just. It's fantastic. And we're going to talk about it on tomorrow's cleanup on aisle 45. Um, and we'll give you the specific little transcripts and the words that the judge said and the things that Costello did. But everybody, all the reporters, all my reporter friends are like, holy shit. Oh, what a terrible and just wonderful mistake.


And I just love that the jury was there for that part of it because it looks awful. I mean, it just looks bad.


Well, they were there for when he was like, jeez, right?


When he was being a baby.


Yep. And then, and then, you know, they didn't get to see Judge Mershon admonish him. But come on, you can figure out what was going on when the judge is like, what did you say to me? All right, jury, get out of here. And then they come back in. Everyone's like, all right, we're cool.


There was one journalist that was like, I'm not, I just read an article. They're like, we're not sure how much. If the jury actually heard the yelling in the courtroom, they may have heard some of it, so who knows?


Yeah, but even if they heard none.


Of it, it just looks bad to.


See him acting out and then to have the judge excuse everybody, including the press, and then come back in. What do you think? Do you think they were just having some rum punch on them? No. Like, he was dressing, uh, down. Mister Costello. So very hilarious. I love it. Love to see it. I told him, well, I didn't, like, call up Trump's lawyers and said, you know, I didn't tell him, don't put Costello on the stand. But I definitely tweeted it. And that was, I mean, they had to bring him in because they hadn't, like, hurt Cohen's credibility enough. Right? And they just tanked.


Anyway, bad decision, bad decision.


Bad decision. Mondays for Team Trump. And then, oh, by the way, Trump went out and named Costello that again, violating his gag order again. We'll talk about that on cleanup. But anyway, we have a lot of news to get to today, including, I left you the kid rock story, my friend.


I appreciate that.


Uh, figured you would. Yeah, you would enjoy that. So let's, uh, let's hit the hot notes. Hot notes. All right. First up, from Adam Edelman at NBC. Officials in Colorado and South Dakota have certified proposed amendments that would enshrine abortion access in their state's constitutions to appear on the November ballot. Yay. South Dakota secretary of State Monet Johnson, a Republican, said in a statement late Thursday that her office had validated the petition for the ballot measure, finding that organizers behind the effort had filed more than, more than the required number of signatures for it to qualify the ballot measures. Placement can still be challenged before June 17. And in Colorado, democratic secretary of State Jenna Griswold, who we've had on this show. Her office issued a notice Friday, but it will also clear the way for an amendment that would formally enshrine access to abortion in Colorado's constitution to appear on the ballot this year. Constitutional amendments to enshrine abortion rights will now appear on the general election ballot in at least four states, including Florida and Maryland. In New York, a judge blocked a, uh, proposed amendments placement on the November ballot this month, but the ruling is under appeal, and the organizers predict the measure will appear on the ballot. Organizers in another six states are attempting to do the same. So we'll end up with, what, like ten states that will have this on the ballot if all these go through. Organizers for Dakotans for Health, the group behind the proposed amendment in South Dakota, celebrated the achievement, quote, two long years after we began. The South Dakota secretary of state today certified that the people of South Dakota, not the politicians and Pierre, will be the ones to decide whether to restore Roe v. Wade as the law of South Dakota. That's what Dakotans for health chair Rick Weiland said in a statement. And he went on to say, if there is anyone out there who still wonders whether abortion rights will be on the ballot in South Dakota this fall, today is your answer. Now, the group's proposal would make abortion legal in all situations in the first trimester of pregnancy. It would, uh, allow, quote, regulation by the state of abortion in the second trimester of pregnancy. But such regulation, quote, must be reasonably related to the physical health of the pregnant woman. The amendment would allow regulation or prohibition by the state in the third trimester, except in cases when a physician has determined that the care would be necessary to preserve the life or health of the woman. Now, if it passes, the amendment would effectively undo the state's near total abortion ban, which snapped back into effect after Roe fell in 2022. The law, which abortion advocates say is among the harshest in the United States, prohibits all abortions except when necessary to save the mother's life. While abortion rights supporters have found success with ballot measures in conservative states like Kansas and Kentucky since the fall of Roe, and I'd add, Ohio, South Dakota presents a particularly steep challenge. The ballot measure would need to win a simple majority to pass in a state Donald Trump won by 26 points in 2020. Now, organizers have encountered robust resistance to their efforts, including legal challenges. But the group earlier this month submitted more than 55,000 signatures, far more than the 35,000 needed to get the proposal on the ballot. State officials said Friday that 85% of those, or just about 46,000, were found to be valid, meaning organizers ended up with 11,000 more signatures than needed. In Colorado, the reproductive rights landscape is vastly different. Unlike in many other states, there are no laws restricting abortion in Colorado. It's just one of six states where there are no gestational limits at all for women seeking an abortion. And as a result, Colorado has become a haven of sorts for women who live in states where abortion is restricted or effectively illegal. The proposed amendment there would declare formally that the right to an abortion is hereby recognized, and the government shall not deny, impede, or discriminate against the exercise of that right. The proposal explicitly states that the government may not prohibit health insurance coverage for abortion, including insurance plans for public employees and publicly funded insurance plans. That provision would effectively undo a, uh, 1984 law that barred people from using their health insurance to pay for abortion care. Quote, in this time of uncertainty, we need to secure abortion rights and access in the Colorado Constitution beyond the reach of politics and politicians, this initiative will secure the right for present and future generations. That's Karen Middleton, co chair of Colorado's for protecting reproductive Freedom. Now, Middleton's group said it submitted to state officials the signatures of more than 225,000 voters. That's, uh, more than 124,000 that are required. Organizers behind the Colorado amendment have argued it's crucial to formally enshrine those rights so that lawmakers never have the opportunity to undo them. To pass in November, the measure requires 55% of voters under state law, not just a simple majority. Organizers have expressed confidence they'll cross that threshold, pointing out that abortion rights supporters defeated a proposed ballot initiative in 2020 that sought to restrict abortion rights in the state, 59 to 41, a better margin of victory in a blue state that year than Joe Biden's in the presidential race. So they'll, they'll pass it.


Thanks so much, ag. And you can file this next one under. Is that legal now? Next up, from Amy Bath Hansen at the Associated Press. Montana's attorney general told supporters he skirted the state's campaign finance laws by inviting another Republican to run against him as a token candidate in next month's primary so he could raise more money for the November general election. That's according to a recording from a fundraising event. Quote, I do technically have a primary, Attorney General Austin Knudsen said last week when asked at the event who was running against him. He went on to say, however, he's a young man who I asked to run against me because our campaign laws are ridiculous. Knudsen separately faces dozens of professional misconduct allegations from the state's office of attorney discipline as he seeks a second term. He made the comments about his primary opponent during the fundraiser on May 11 in Dillon, Montana, according to the recording obtained by the Daily Montanan, which is part of a nonprofit states newsroom organization. In the recording, nuts and his heard saying that Logan Olson, quote, filed to run against me simply because under our current campaign finance laws in Montana, it allows me to raise more money. So he supports me and he's gonna vote for me. What the actual fuck? Now Holsten, a county attorney in rural northeastern Montana, denied being recruited by nuts and now campaign nuts. Uh, and I'm sorry, his last name alone sounds like he's a douche now. No, you know what? I apologize if anyone listening has also has. Unfortunately, that same last name of nuts and campaign finance records indicate his filing fee was paid by a longtime republican operative who was also a nuts and donor.




Now, the state's campaign finance watchdog agency, which is the commissioner of political practices, they're investigating complaints filed by the executive director of the Montana Democratic Party that allege an agreement between Knudsen and Olson. Under state law, a person cannot pay or promise valuable consideration to another person to induce them to be a candidate or to withdraw as a candidate. Eaton, who called the complaint against nuts and frivolous, said it was, quote, common practice for candidates to accept primary and general contributions and then return the money if there's no contested primary. Uh huh. He suggested democratic attorney general candidate Ben Ilk. Uh, Bozeman attorney, was also accepting more money than it was allowed from individual donors. However, a search Vilk campaign finance report shows only contributions to his primary campaign. Nuts and Olson have until May 23 to respond to the complaints, although Olson has requested an extension. Olson has not raised or spent any money in the race, according to a report filed by his treasurer on Friday. Hasn't raised a dime. His April campaign finance report listed a debt of more than $1,500 to a standard consulting in Helena for reimbursement of his filing fee. Quote, I did pay Logan's filing fee and helped him file for office. This is Chuck Dinau. He's a republican operative and owner of Standard Consulting. That's what he said in an email Friday. He said, I did so because he asked me to. Now Dinau has donated $1,580 to Knudsen, 790 each for the primary and the general elections.


Oh my God.


Yep. Alk said the professional misconduct allegations and other actions by Nudson are, uh, why he's running for attorney general. That's insane. Knudsen's facing 41 counts of professional misconduct on allegations his office tried to undermine. The Montana Supreme Court while defending a challenge to a state law about judicial nominations. And the commission on Practice is scheduled to hear the case in mid July and recommend whether nuts and should be punished separately. In early 2021, he ordered the Lewis and Clark county attorney to dismiss concealed carry weapons charges against a man who allegedly threatened a restaurant manager trying to enforce the state's pandemic mask mandate. Knudsen's office later pleaded the case down to disorderly conduct. Was that kid Rob? We'll get there in October 2021. A Helena hospital said three unspecified public officials threatened doctors after they refused to treat COVID-19 patient with ivermectin, a drug for parasites, as we know, that is not federally approved for the virus, but that the former president told everyone to take. Now, nuts and office later confirmed that he participated in a conference call with hospital executives and that he sent a Montana highway patrol trooper to the hospital to talk with the patient's family after they claimed mistreatment, something the hospital has denied. Hmm.


M did RFK junior try ivermectin to get rid of the brainworms?


Maybe. I don't know. It tastes like apples. Yeah, it tastes like apples. Cause horses are supposed to eat at you, jackass.


Can you know you can win a day of falconry with RFK Junior? Somebody tweeted. The falcons are just there for the worms.


Oh my God. All right.


From Tatiana Siegel at Variety. And I know I don't usually use variety as a source, but this is too good. On Monday night, all eyes in Cannes, the Cannes Film Festival will be on the launch of the Apprentice, the high profile drama that stars Sebastian Stan as a young Donald Trump. The filmmakers and stars haven't done any press on the ground at Cannes ahead of the film's world premiere, and few have seen it with plot details shrouded in mystery. But one person who's seen it is Dan Snyder, the billionaire former owner of the Washington commanders who is an investor in the Apprentice, and he isn't happy. Behind the scenes, a nasty battle is played out between Snyder backed company kinematics and the filmmakers over the creative direction of the film. The Apprentice, directed by Ali Abbasi, covers Trump's early years when he was mentored by political fixer Roy Cohn, played by Jeremy Strong, and marriage to his first wife, Ivana, played by Maria Bakalova. Sources say Snyder, a friend of Trump who donated $1.1 million to his inaugural committee and Trump victory in 2016 and $100,000 to his 2020 presidential campaign, but keeps, you know, maybe stop sinking money into this dipshit dan he put money into the film via kinematics because he was under the impression it was going to be a flattering portrayal of the 45th president. Snyder finally saw a cut of the film in February and was said to be furious. Kinematics lawyers were enlisted to fight the release of the film, and the cease and desist letters began flying. Kinematics president Emmanuel Nunez insists that the creative impasse between the company and the filmmakers didn't involve Snyder. All creative and business decision involving the Apprentice have always been and continue to be solely made by kinematics. Mark and I run our company without the involvement of any other third parties. Sources familiar with the back and forth say Dan Snyder took issue with multiple aspects of the film and weighed in on what should be changed. In earlier versions of the screenplay, the Apprentice featured a scene where Trump actually rapes Ivana. One insider familiar with the scene that is in the current cut described it as violent and uncomfortable and follows a fight between the couple. In a 1989 divorce deposition, Ivana accused Trump of raping her. But Ivana, who died in 2022, later refuted her own claims in 2015, saying the story is totally without merit. Donald and I are the best of friends and together have raised three children that we love and are very proud of. Now. Snyder isn't the only investor in the Apprentice. Justin Trudeau's canadian government also put in money, as did the irish and danish governments. Kinematics doesn't own the copyright on the Ali Abbasi directed film and can't kill it. Abbasi is represented by CAA, which was aware of the legal back and forth in the agency, and Abbasi declined to comment. Heading into Cannes, there was an intense interest from potential buyers for the film, which is seeking US distribution ahead of the election in November, and international sales outfit rocket Science is shopping the title at the march alongside CAA and WME. Complicating matters, Dan Snyder's kinematics has a voice in sales negotiations, so it's going to be fun. The filmmakers have intentionally issued any press they want the movie to speak for itself, word of mouth type of thing. After all, they've endured a long halt of to the finish line. In fact, it took seven years for the Apprentice to make it to the big screen. One financier dropped out after the events of January 6 when Trump supporters stormed the Capitol. As we know, another opted to not get involved after Ivana Trump's death. That's unclear if Snyder, who's a fixture at the festival where he socializes with other billionaires on his yacht, plans to attend tonight's premiere alongside the kinematics team, who will be on hand. He's no stranger to controversy. For years, he ignored calls to change the name of his NFL team, formerly called the Redskins, a term that was offensive to Native Americans. We'll never change the name. It's that simple. Never. You can use all caps. That's what he told USA Today in 2013. After initially refusing to meet with native american advocates about a name change, he relented in 2020, and the team was rebranded as the Washington commanders. One thing is for certain, this article ends, the post premiere celebrations for the Apprentice will be decidedly awkward. Awkward. And, Dana, I saved the best for you for last.


Yes, you did, my friend. Uh, a lot of people are going to. It's going to sound like I'm making up the story. I am not. This is from AJ McDougall at the Daily Beast. Bob Richie. And if you don't know that name, it's Kid Rock. Well, he will readily admit he lives in his own world, quote, and it's great. That's what he insisted to a Rolling Stone journalist in a recent interview. The rules of that world, though, apparently dictate that Richie can do as he likes, including get, quote, belligerently drunk in front of someone with a tape recorder. Yep, after switching from White House wine to bourbon and coke. And I'm just assuming that's Coca Cola. Midway through a sit down with Rolling Stone, the magaloving rocker began shouting at the journalist. This is David Pisner, by the way, the journalist who reported that his subject proceeded to pull out a handgun and wave it in his face. And I quote, and I got a fucking goddamn gun right here if I need it. This is what he writes. Richie. Kid Rock yelled at him. He went on to say, I got them everywhere. Well, to be fair, the preceding 2 hours of the interview were also postmarked with bizarre exchanges, including a moment where Richie railed against immigrants before crying out 911. But the evening slid off the rails. Apparently that wasn't enough. Off the rails after the gun came out, with Kid Rock repeatedly spewing the n word and berating Pisner, calling him, quote, a college snowflake, and badgering him to, quote, take a shot at him. Just a reminder, this is an interview with Rolling Stone. So this isn't just a chat that they're having. All this shit's on record now. Pisner describes the pair arguing over his attempts to leave with Richie asking Pisner to crash at his mansion. Quote, you won't make it, Richie says, referencing a half mile walk up a steep hill through unfamiliar woods in the dark. Now, after more back and forth, the pair are, ah, quote, chest to chest and he's up in my face. But I think I can detect a sly smile creeping over the corner of his mouth. This is again from Pisner. This is what he writes. Finally, Richie appears deflated and he agrees to drive Pisner to his car. As Richie drove, Pisner said he turned to the journalist and asked him in a hushed tone if he'd do him a favor. So this is Kid Rock asking the journalist, just write the most horrific article about me. The musician said, do it. It helps me. Pisner described the erratic April interview in detail, including a visit to Richie's mansion, which is reportedly modeled on the White House. The extravagant, airy mansion is decorated with taxidermied hunting trophies and neon beer signs. That was Pisner. Well, the bathroom hand towels are monogrammed with an r. And a mirror near the sink has a naked woman in a Liberty headband painted on it in pink. Images of Kid rock's platinum records adorn, ah, the garage doors. Pisner adds. The 214 acre compound includes a saloon, a studio, a cavernous hangar with a pickleball court. That's the only redeeming quality I can see about Kid rock right now. Describing it as a feeling like, quote, what a 13 year old boy might sketch if asked him to design his dream home. End quote. Bananas.


I'm really, really glad this pisner's okay. That this rolling stone agreed journalist made it out of there. Um, I also probably wouldn't have gotten into a car.


Oh no.


Uh, with Kid rock and let him drive me anywhere. Even if it was just a half mile. I'll walk the half mile. In the dark, in the woods, bro.


Yeah, I agreed. I agreed. Everything kid rock does is for publicity. Everything. The Persona he's made up, everything.


Mhm. Yeah, I mean you might run into a bear, which is safer to run into in the woods than Kid rock. Richie and his pickleball court. I'm sorry, that's just, that's like the least masculine thing I can think of. Not that pickleball is. Pickleball is very not a masculine sport. It's the least kid rock thing.


Okay, that's fabulous. Yeah. I can't imagine kid rock. I love pickleball, but maybe he's got young girls out there doing it. I have no idea.


It would be like, you know, I don't know. Um, let me see if I can think of. I can't think of a more caricature figure than kid rock. Like, maybe if he was trying to play badminton or something.


Yeah, that's actually good. That's a good visual badminton.


It's just like wearing togs, you know? Hello, m Buffy. Let's play some badminton. It just doesn't fit with me in my head. All right, thank you for that story. Uh, and, uh, we have a lot of good news to get to, but we do have to take a quick break. I, uh, also just wanted to give a shout out to, uh, Greg Olear, who was on our show yesterday, and he got a beans bump. He's number one on Amazon in his category today after coming on. So thanks to everybody who went out and got his book. Thank you very, very much. All right, we'll be right back with the good news. Stick around after these messages.


We'll be right back.


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Everybody. Welcome back. It's time for the good news, everyone. Then good news, everyone. And if you have any good news, confessions, corrections, you want to play what the mutt? Find the cat? Opine on the bovine? What the heck? Wine? What the hell is in that shell? What's the model of your oxolotl? Assume the bloom. We guess flowers now. Oh, dana, isn't that awesome? Anything at all. Send a photo. If you don't have pod pet tax to pay, you can draw us an animal and we'll guess something about it. Or send us an adoptable pet in your area and we'll help them, uh, get a forever home. We've successfully found some homes for some babies already, so I'm very excited about that. Thank you very much to our production team for all the legwork. And also, if you have a self shout out, a shout out to a loved one, a small business in your area. Shit. Kids say whoopi stories, blankie stories, stuffed animal stories. Those are incredible. And then, of course, any program, government program, that has helped you or your family, whether it's Medicare, affordable care act, Medicaid, Social Security, and especially student debt relief stories, I still can't get over that $230,000 when we had the other day.




That's just so much debt relief that, I mean, there's the burden being lifted. Must be. I would feel like lighter than air. Uh, incredible. So send all that to us, or anything else you can think of. Seriously, send it to And click on contact. First up, Mark P. Pronouns he and him. Hm. Hi, ag and DG. Long time listener. I'm the guy that got ag to start the new hallelujah verse game in what feels like eons ago. That's right. Chicago area village name pronunciation strikes again. Regarding the Friday show, a, uh, shout out to high school District 211. I'm District 214 alum myself. Palatine is pronounced Palatine a long I tine as the pointy part of a fork, not teen. Did I say Palatine? Oh, I just. I just said it, right? Okay, maybe I was thinking too hard. Chicagoland in the greater region is rife with pronunciation and spelling challenged names. Years ago, I had to give some, uh, guidance to a co worker that transferred in from Toronto who used otherwise correct french pronunciation. Daplain next to O'Hare is des Plains. Joliet is actually Joliet. Portage is Portage and Mersi. Where Chicago the weather radar is, is Mars sales.


I do love when you get these and not me.


I've heard Bob pet tags. Uh, I've included a picture of a most recent foster kittens rescued from a home in Lake County, Illinois. Most of them will be going to their forever homes soon. The organization we foster for animal education and rescue, easy to spell and pronounce, is in Libertyville, Illinois, and has many pets waiting to be adopted. And you can see them all at Keep up the great work, Mark P. I hope you come to our Chicago live show. Me and Renato Mariotti on June 2 at ah, Shuba's tavern. There's still a couple tickets. Like, there's. I think there's enough tickets left for everybody to get a big group of people to go. But, um, look at these baby kitties. I want them adorable. Thank you so much for that.


All right, this is from Hattie. Pronouns he and him. James and I adopted Daisy a little over a year ago. We live on, um, what is known as lifestyle block, about 100. Auckland, New Zealand. On a recent walk, Daisy found a sleeping opossum, took it out of the tall grass, and shook it to death. The third one in over a year. She then carried it all the way home, where she dropped it behind the garage and lost all interest. Thank God. Now, possums are considered a pest in New Zealand, with an estimated 70 million of them eating plants, eggs, chicks. They have no natural predators and were introduced to get some fur trade going in the late 18 hundreds. Thank you for that note. Production note. Um, let's see. Oh, our producer cropped out most of the dead possum for us. Uh, it was a little gory. Yeah. So I appreciate that. Can I.


Yes, thank you. Yeah. Here in, uh, at least where I live, we love our possums. So that's very interesting that they're so insidious in New Zealand. I mean, I guess it makes sense. It's just a small place, you know, and they don't have any natural predators. All right, thanks for that, mo from Cleveland pronoun she and her. These are photos of our two girls and our grand dog. Our grand dog is a three year old golden Tegan. We have a twelve year old golden Riley and a four year old mixed rescue dog, Maisie. Maisie is a mixed breed of at least two breeds. I haven't seen it listed, uh, as a jackador. Love your pod. Love your podcast. Um, been a listener since the kitchen table days. You guys have come a long way. Jackador? Is that like a Jack Russell Labrador? Because look how cute.




Uh, look at that sleepy couch photo with the babies.


So sweet.


Thank you for that submission, mo.


All right, this is from Camille. Pronouns she and her. Hello. I've been meaning to send in multiple different good news submissions, including a what the mutt from my beloved Adeline and Oliver. But on Monday's episode, when I heard someone sent in a picture of a baby in grown up shoes, I figured it was time to stop procrastinating and send in a short submission. Here's a picture of myself when I was just under two years old, sticking my entire leg into my mother's black leather boots, wearing nothing else but a diaper while I striking a pose for the ages as I slick back my wet blonde hair with a clinique green hairbrush. Ah. Uh, yes. Oh my God. Ah. Uh, yes. Baby Camille was such a sassy child. I often wish I could recreate that fearlessness by reenacting the photo as I've inherited those boots from my mother. And I still have that exact same hairbrush in a bin somewhere. But I'm afraid two year old me and 22 year old me is nothing but a single black leather boot. And my underwear have two extremely different audiences. What a fantastic submission.


You know what I love about this, Camille? I have a photo of me wearing my mom's, like, knee high brown leather boots from the seventies. And just them, and they come all the way up to, like, the top of my leg. This is so incredible. Thank you for that. Next up, from Max Nada. No relation. Remember he him. Hello, dear beans queens. Longtime listener, repeated submitter of good news. I first found out about the beans through AG's Muller. She wrote account on the bird app, rest in peace. And I remember the perfect ratio between well informed criticism and snark, which made me curious about your podcast. Since then, I've completely changed my media intake through your wonderful reporting on all three podcasts and now also the sub stack, I've been able to quit doom scrolling, which seriously affected my mental health during the last administration. The impunity with which the far right extremists in the US break rule after rule and norm after Norm makes me so angry. And I can't stress enough that the only remedy against those motherfuckers is a blue tsunami turnout at the polls. Amen. All the justices who lied to congress during their confirmation hearings. Roe v. Wade is the law of the land and precedent on precedent, et cetera, et cetera, should be held accountable. And the MAGA republicans who refused to say if they would accept the results of the next election should be voted out today. I have no pod pet tax, but I found this cute photo of goats who wear protections against their own actions. I wish we could put such protections on Marjorie Taylor Greene, Speaker Johnson, at all. Oh, and I found this old picture of me joyfully playing around a huge pile of luggage about 40 years ago. Much love to the whole MSW Media media crew and to all the leguminati. We can be the change we would like to see in the world. And here we've got goats with pool noodles on their horns.


Oh, my God.


And I think it would be fantastic to put, uh, pool noodles on Marjorie Taylor Green's, uh, goat horns as well. Yeah, something.




Look at this little kid. Look at that bowl cut. Holy crap. That's amazing.


So cute, though.


That's adorable. On a big pile of. What was it? Luggage. Luggage over 40 years ago. Very cute. All right, everybody, thank you all so much for your submissions. Um, I feel like I should pour one out for the possum in New Zealand. I feel bad. Um, but, you know, we appreciate all your good news stories and keep sending them in, comma, click on contact. Again, we have an episode of cleanup on aisle 45 coming out tomorrow, so I look forward to that. Please take a. Please take a listen. It should be fun and interesting, at least talk about Bob Costello. Do you have any, um, final thoughts before we get out here today, my friend?


No, not today. Thank you, though.


All right, everybody, we'll be back in your ears tomorrow. Until then, please take care of yourself. Take care of each other, take care of the planet, take care of your mental health, take care of your family. Vote Blue over Q.


And take all that family with you.


I've been AG and I've been DG, and them's the beans.


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